Year Round Deck Care

A deck can add value to any home, not just in aesthetics, but in functional enjoyment for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends. Care and maintenance of a deck is a year round series of tasks, but if done regularly can extend the life of your deck by years making the effort well worth the investment.


  • Clean by sweeping away any debris and washing away any dirt, mold, mildew, or moss that may have accumulated during the winter.
  • Check for any areas that may have suffered from weathering. Look for warping, cracking, or splintering, and replace any planks if they cannot be otherwise repaired.


  • Be sure to clean up any food spills. Do not leave them to set.
  • Treat the areas around and under the deck for termites, and all the various carpenter insects such as bees, wasps, and ants.
  • Sweep the deck often.


  • If you have not already, this may be another time to thoroughly clean the deck, preferably with a good pressure washing.
  • Strip any worn or deteriorating finish with a stain and finish remover as needed.
  • Add a new finish, and water repellent. As this is a generally a follow up for as needed stripping, this may not be a yearly event.


  • Clear off debris regularly. Do not allow pine needles or leaves to accumulate on the deck as this can cause staining and provide the ideal place for mildew or mold to form.
  • If you live where snow is a consideration, use a broom to sweep away the snow rather than a snow shovel as the scrapping can damage the wood. If you use salt, remember to sweep away residue as soon as it is no longer needed.

There are many types of wood on the market including composites that each boasts their own pros and cons, but all of them require some amount of care and maintenance. There has yet to be invented the perfect carefree deck material. The same goes for stains and sealants. However, a well-constructed, well-cared for deck can provide a wonderful entertainment or relaxation spot for the home for many years.

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