Storm Damage Prevention and Repair

With autumn comes the changing of temperatures and storms. Both can cause accelerated wear and tear on your home. It is important to weather proof to prevent storm damage as much as possible. However once damages occur proper repair becomes the priority to restore home integrity and value.

One of the simplest steps to take in prevention is weatherproofing doors and windows with weather stripping. There are various sealants on the market to accomplish this. Not only does this cut drafts, but also potential water leaks from storms. Any time water can leak in and pool the potential for damage exists, staining and weakening wood as well as rusting metal.

It is also wise to inspect your roof fairly regularly both before the season changes and after storms. Make sure that all roofing tiles or shingles are in good repair and properly secured. Check around the seams for gaps or signs of leaks. Wood may show discoloration and staining, while metal can show signs of tarnishing and rust.

If any wood staining from water leakage or metal rusting is detected it is best to attend to it directly. If left untreated too often small blemishes can become expensive restoration projects. If caught early many minor issues can be treated with sanding and well applied caulking. However, if the area effected is large more extensive methods may need to be employed.

Having a professional come out to inspect and evaluate the extent of any storm damage can prove a valuable service as many repairs and restorations from storm damage are covered under many home insurance plans. It is worth looking into to save money and ensure proper attention is paid to your home to maintain its value.

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