Remodeling or Re-Detailing the Bathroom

If looking at your bathroom makes you cringe then maybe it is time to update a few things. Sometimes cleaning just is not enough to bring your old bathroom back to life, but is it time to completely remodel or simply re-detail? Only you really know the answer to that.

When remodeling some things to consider are the age of the house, and main bathroom elements, such as the shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. Old does not necessarily mean that they need to be replaced, but if the look is dated in such a way as to be unappealing to you then it may be time. Many of the older and antique bathroom fixtures are made of porcelain, and while porcelain holds up well over time the design may not fit in with a more contemporary look.

However, before any major replacements it is worth considering a massive re-detailing of the bathroom. It can still be a labor intensive undertaking, but it also may prove a lot less costly while revitalizing the aesthetic appeal.


Old ceramic and stone tiles can seem less appealing if the grout in between begins to discolor due to age, mold, or mildew. Regrouting may be a way to bring back the newness that has been lost without completely changing everything. Grouting comes in an array of colors beyond the standard off-white and white most typically seen. Since regrouting is recommended for old, cracked grouting it could provide the ideal time to consider adding a subtle color tint to either soften the look or add more contrast with the tiles.

Porcelain Repair

Porcelain, though a durable material is not indestructible. A heavy hit can cause chipping or cracking in tubs and sinks, but before throwing them out it might be worth repairing. Claw footed tubs are particularly worth the repair. Many repair techniques can restore porcelain back to its former glory, and will even continue to stand up to the extended life of the porcelain.

Changing Hardware

Another subtle improvement to updating the look of your bathroom is with the doorknobs, cabinet handles, and drawer handles. With so many designs to choose from there are many possibilities for adding color or bringing a contemporary or even a progressive look to the room. It is even possible to go retro or add country home appeal. It all depends on you.

Lighting It Up

Sometimes adding better lighting means making structural alterations to the room; however, it may be possible to simply change out the light fixtures with the wiring that already exists. Adding a dimming option rather than a straight one or off switch can provide ambiance for a relaxing spa experience at home as desired, while still allowing you to have the brightly lit bathroom when needed.

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