Luxurious Bathroom Improvements

Every house has a bathroom, but not every home has a luxurious spa. It can seem like a dream, but with a few bathroom remodeling techniques and improvements a home spa can become a reality. The areas to focus on are the bathtub, shower, and lighting. Everything else is bonus from there.


When it comes to the bathtub the shape and depth are important for a luxurious bath. It is difficult to feel completely pampered if your knees are bent and sticking out of the water. Switching out your small tub with one of larger proportions may be just the thing. Choosing one with water jets is the best way to get that spa at home experience.


Water pressure is the key aspect to getting that shower spa. One of the best ways to achieve this is by installing wall jets. Many can be adjusted for pressure and directionality, and even come equipped with an enhanced overhead fixture so there is no sacrifice of a traditional shower for those times when a quick shower is in order. However, with the wall jet panel there is the possibility for those longer, shower massages that can really work out the kinks of the day.

Another option is to replace your traditional showerhead fixture with a removable showerhead with hose attachment. Some wall jet panels have a removable showerhead with hose attachment as an option.


Lighting adjustments can have a huge impact on the overall ambiance of the bathroom, and there are several ways to achieve the type and intensity that would best suite you.

  • Adjustable lighting: This allows you to dim or brighten illumination as you desire.
  • Windows: It may be a case where it is not more or bigger windows that you need, but rather a different window design. Consider switching out a standard divided window with one that is an unbroken single pane. If you choose glass that is clouded or textured to prevent a clear view, but not to obstruct light then you may find that curtains are unnecessary (which means less to worry about cleaning, too).
  • Mirrors: This is another way to take something functional and use it to enhance the appearance of your bathroom with various styles and shapes. Also placement and size can help brighten as the mirror reflect light as well as your appearance.

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