Improving Your Kitchen with an Island

Preparing meals can sometimes require more space than the counters around the stove top and sink provide, but where to get more space? How? One way is to add a kitchen island. It is surprising how the addition of an island can expand your work area without compromising walking space in your kitchen.

Kitchen islands can be as simple or elaborate as you would like, custom built to meet your needs and fitted for your kitchen. They can provide not only additional counter top space, but also additional cabinet and draw space for increased storage of dry goods or cooking utensils. They can also be uniquely customized with a sink or wine refrigerator.

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Islands in addition to being additional prep space can also be ideal serving stations. This would be most advantageous during holiday gatherings to set out food and still make sure there is room at the dinner table. It may even be possible to construct an elevated breakfast bar across from the preparing area giving your island a step appearance and increased functionality.

Separation of Clean Food and Dirty Dishes

Sometimes it would just be nice to have an additional sink in the kitchen. This would allow you to use one for dishes, and the other, say on an island, for food rinsing and preparation. That way you would not have to continually shuffle things around so much and you can keep possible contamination of bacteria and germs down to a minimum, if not eliminate the possibility all together.

Everything in Its Place

More space for storage is never a bad thing. Perhaps it would be nice to have a place to store tablecloths, placemats, and napkins closer to the dining area rather than in the linin closet in the hallway. Maybe you would like an additional space for a small refrigerator to store wine or other beverages. Islands can be a great place for added storage. It could even provide a nice cover for the trash to keep it out of sight in a conveniently constructed cabinet, drawer, or nook.

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