Ideal Home Office Makeover

For many homeowners, your home office space is one of the important and neglected areas in your home. Whether you have a room devoted to your laptop and desk or you have a nook for the computer, your office space can be the greatest asset to your home. It can also be it weakest. Maybe, the office has become your clutter catch-all room—school papers, art supplies, library books. In short, your office space needs to be more functional. The good news is that you can transform your office space easily.

Let’s begin with some of the common problems in the home office. Take look around your home office. What do you see? If your answer was clutter, then you have the most common problem affecting this space. You will need to begin tossing, recycling, and filing your papers. This brings you to the next problem which is lack of storage. When you first begin using your home office, you may not have a clear idea how or what this room’s function will be. After you have cleared the clutter, focus on how much storage you will need to organize your office properly. The final problem facing your office is the space isn’t fun. You may stuff your bills and papers and kids’ toys in the office space because you want an excuse not to use it. Sadly, this clutter is destroying your productivity, and you need to change it.

Let’s focus on making your home office a space that you will want to use. After you have cleared the clutter, you need to decide what the purpose of this space is. Will it be a spot for paying bills and surfing the internet? A place for you and your children to work together? Once you have decided the purpose of the room, then you can begin making it functional and beautiful. First, choose a vibrant paint color that will stimulant and engage your mind. For example, red and oranges help stimulate creativity, and blues and browns help with focus. After you choose your paint colors, you may also want to consider using paint to add interest to the space. This could be  an accent stripe or chevron pattern on a focal wall. A feature wall can help make the space feel chic, and all you did was paint a pattern on it.

Let’s discuss the storage issue for your home office.  After the paint dries, you will need to be highly selective of what goes back into your office space. Refer back to your overall purpose of this space, and decide what storage units and work spaces you will need. Every accessory, every desk, every chair, every filing cabinet should reinforce the overall purpose of the home office. If you struggle with clutter,  decorative baskets can help organize your desk area. Perhaps, you are working in a small space. Consider adding vertical storage such as shelves or wall-mounted baskets to help move the clutter off the floor. Once you have your storage system in place, you can begin enjoying your ideal home office.

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