How to Get the Best Painting Results

You have chosen the perfect color paint, the walls are clean and the furniture covered. Now it is time to break open the seal and get painting, but do you have the right tools for the job? If you think all you need now is a bucket of paint and a brush then be prepared for a slow progression.

While it is possible to paint solely with one brush it may not be the best option. At the very least two brushes, a sash and trim brush and a wall brush, will prove better. Use the sash and trim brush to get all the edges done around windows, outlets, and corners first. Getting the tedious work done first will help cut down on fatigue as you go. Then use the wall brush to paint, and be sure to have a sturdy ladder to help reach the top.

However, as using paint brushes in this manner will still be slow work, most professional interior painters will recommend the use of paint rollers. You should still use a sash and trim brush or sponge to do all the detail work first. When using a paint roller you will also need a paint roller pan. Alternate options include using a wire screen inside a five gallon bucked or a bucket specially made that provides the same function for dipping the roller and making sure it is evenly covered before using it on the wall.

When using a roller it is important to push up, away from yourself to reduce drips. Also roll slowly, applying a consistent amount of pressure as you go. If you roll too quickly you’ll end up with paint flecks going everywhere, which means wasted paint and effort.

Another bonus of rollers is the extension options they offer that paint brushes and sponges do not. Many rollers have extendable handles or attachments to allow you to reach higher without the aid of a ladder. This can also mean a reduced risk of accidents.

Various paint sprayers are also available, and ideal for large scale projects; however, they require a more skilled and practiced hand to operate successfully, and by successfully I mean producing the best results with the least amount of effort and mess. A well done paint job gets the paint on the wall smoothly and evenly, and does not leave a huge mess to clean up.

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