Ideal Kitchen Counter and Sink Combinations

When it comes to giving new life to the kitchen one of the best alterations to make is with the counter and sink. While it is possible to replace one without changing the other choosing both together can have a dramatic impact on the final look. Whether you are going for a seamless look, or one of complementary appeal, the combination of materials you choose matter.

Granite countertops are one of the most beautiful and functional. Not only does the stone come in a variety of natural and exotic patterns, but it is also durable enough to stand up to being used without a cutting board. Granite can also be used to make a sink. Using the stone for both the countertop and sink can provide an ageless, durable look.

Ceramic is another material that can be utilized in either countertops or sinks. Paring a ceramic sink with a ceramic tile countertop can be attractive. Depending on the other décor this can give you a more dated look for your kitchen. Perhaps a slightly more county type feel.

Stainless Steel can be paired together for a monochromatic look that may be more industrial in nature, as many stainless steel countertop and sink combinations are typically found in restaurant kitchen. However, this combination could give your kitchen at home a contemporary or slightly futuristic look.

There are many more materials that can be utilized for either countertop or sink construction, and they can be paired up to form the unique look you desire for your kitchen. When choosing the materials the things to keep in mind are colors and textures.  It is also a good idea to look into the care and maintenance of the materials to be sure that your combination does not require contradictory care. For example some cleaners are harsh and abrasive which might be fine for stainless steel, but are not ideal for ceramic.

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