Creating Pantry Storage

A pantry is a place for storing food, often for canned and dried goods. For some having a pantry is a luxury, while for others it is a necessity. Finding the space can be a challenge. Whether you have a pantry in need of redesigning, or wish to have one installed there are several options to consider.

Almost all homes without exception have cabinets built into the kitchen to provide pantry type storage for canned and dried goods as well as for dishes and countertop appliances, but sometimes this is not enough. If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with a designated pantry built in then you have the advantage. Often times this is a closet with shelves in the kitchen in addition to cabinets.

Cabinet Remodeling

If you are looking for better utilization of existing space then you may want to consider remodeling existing cabinets to allow for easier access and better organization of items. If you have two cabinets divided by a corner consider removing the divider to create a larger space for the installation of a Lazy Susan. This will allow you better access to items that typically end up in the back corner of one cabinet, removing the hassle usually associated with their retrieval.

Another cabinet remodeling idea is to install drawers for slide out shelves for the cabinets below the counter. This can make accessing them easier, illuminating most of the squatting and digging that getting to items stored there can require.

Making Space

Closets can be converted to store pantry items with the addition of shelves. Choosing one close to the kitchen is best, but this is not the only place a pantry can be made. There may be space just waiting for conversion, such as an unused corner. If it is large enough to fit a book shelf in then it is large enough to turn into a pantry.

Exploring space in utility rooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages, and even under the stairs storage areas can also be utilized for pantry storage. The key is to make sure that the areas are enclosed and protected from humidity. Constructing shelves and drawers can help organize things allowing for the pantry space you need.

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